Greetings! I'm Frankie Panky.


I'm a charismatic and highly-experienced photographer, an occasional performer, and fun-loving man about town. I'm often found doing event and performance shooting, but I'm equally at home in the studio and am frequently sought out for my knack for really drawing out the personality of my subjects and sharing that in my images.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, I have had the opportunity to spend many years very involved in photographing Vancouver's vibrant burlesque scene and exciting nightlife. I am also regularly commissioned to run photobooths, that significantly dial-up the fun and participation at any event.


I have a passion for creating unique and compelling images, and would be excited to share that passion with you. If you are interested in booking me for a shoot or an event, or you are a model or performer looking for exiting fresh shots to expand your portfolio, please get in touch.

My rates are not fixed, but will be quoted based on the scope of work, gear and travel requirements, post-processing needs, and usage or licensing. Please give me as much detail as possible on what you're interested in and I can provide you with an estimate.

Time permitting, I also do a limited amount of TFP work as well - especially when presented with an exciting creative project. If you'd like to discuss a specific project, please contact me.

Purchase and Prints

Frequently, I make the images from parties, events, and photobooths available for purchase (for personal use only) directly from this website. These images are higher resolution than those available for download from the website (generally suitable for up to 5"x7" printing) and are also lacking my watermarks. If you see a "BUY" link above any of the galleries, then those images can be purchased in this way. For larger prints, or custom high-quality fine art prints, please inquire with me directly.

Also much of my creative work is available as framing-ready or hanging-ready fine art prints. If you are interested in purchasing such a print, please contact me. I am also willing to discuss any image licensing inquiries.

Mature Content Notice:

Please be aware that many of the photographs that I shoot have some degree erotic or sexual content, as do many of the photos found on my website and blog. While the shots are beautiful and tasteful, these images may not be appropriate for all viewers, and are not intended for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

I am always respectful of my subjects, and work to ensure that I have their consent when photographing at parties and events, occasionally a photo slips through that an individual would be more comfortable with me removing from public view. If that occurs, I'd encourage the subjects to contact me so that I can address the situation.